About Me

It really isn’t about me, or so I wish. But this is sort of my website and it’s a common requirement of online portfolios to tell you, dear visitor, something about me.

I work deep, rest easy, and move freely. I create, in a pursuit to share and understand.
I try to be rational about my rationality and conscious about my being. I was told to be an introvert, but I don’t cling to the name. It makes me complacent and makes me feel cozy in a stagnant role. The only thing that is certain in my life is learning.

I formally study computer science and focus on machine learning and causal inference at inovex, but I am not a computer scientist.

I informally study the world, as boasting as it sounds, it eventually makes you humble. It is an exploration of possibility and an adventure for which I am grateful.

Enough about me, how are you? And, for that matter, who are you?